Most states classify “Assault Weapons” as semi-automatic centerfire rifles with one or more banned features (typically a pistol grip, forward grip, detachable magazine, etc.).

The Bolt Retention System (BRS) was designed with the definition of “Semi-Automatic” in mind. In most states with Assault Weapons bans, semiautomatic has been defined through various case law as a rifle that is self-loading – which typically means a rifle that can fire a round, eject the cartridge, then chamber the next round with a single pull of the trigger.

The BRS introduces Interrupted Action to the market. With Interrupted Action, the rifle can fire a round, and eject the cartridge with one pull of the trigger, but the user must then interface with the BRS in order to chamber the next round. This interruption differentiates interrupted action from semi-automatic and thus makes the weapon unable to be classified as an Assault Weapon. Because of this change, users who install the BRS can enjoy otherwise banned features.

We also designed a disconnector into the BRS such that users cannot hold down the interface on the BRS and engage in semi-automatic fire. If a user attempts to defeat the BRS by holding down the interface, the action will lock, and the user will have to pull back on the charging handle, then interface with the BRS once more to chamber the next round.

We are not lawyers, but we have worked with some of the top firearms lawyers in the nation including Jason Davis, who was deeply involved with the release of the Bullet Button back in 2007. You can find Jason Davis’ supportive opinion letter on the Ashford Armament BRS for use in CA here.

The BRS is currently available for sale in CA, NJ, DE, D.C, and CT. While we would like to service consumers in all states with assault weapons bans, we just aren’t confident that this is an option for all states as some states with assault weapons bans have differing legal definitions of Assault Weapons. This may change in the future as we continue to work with our legal counsel and get more clear on where the BRS can help firearms enthusiasts.